How to increase testosterone in men naturally and with medications, pills, vitamins

How to increase testosterone in men naturally and with medications, pills, vitamins increase testosterone naturally

How to increase testosterone bradley martyn shake in men naturally and with medications, pills, vitamins

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Lack of sleep

Most men are familiar with the sensation cypionat 250 of a spontaneous morning erection. This phenomenon is largely due to the fact that testosterone levels are highest in the morning. Most of this hormone is produced precisely at night, during sleep, and deep, not superficial.


Many medical conditions can cause a decrease in testosterone. This is especially true for diseases affecting the androgynous system, such as prostatitis. But diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, lipid metabolism disorders, leukocytosis can also affect the level of the hormone..

Drug treatment

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Testosterone is often lowered by medication. These include carbamazepine, veroshpiron, tetracycline, magnesium sulfate, glucocorticosteroids. As a rule, a decrease occurs only with prolonged use of drugs, and after stopping them, the hormone level returns to normal..

How to increase testosterone in men naturally and with medications, pills, vitamins testosterone naturally

Environmental pollution

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Modern civilization poisons our body with many chemicals that negatively affect testosterone levels. There are especially many such substances in the exhaust gases of cars. Research shows that gas station workers have lowered hormone levels. But household chemicals are also not devoid of substances harmful to the male hormone. In particular, these include bisphenols found in many personal care products and detergents – shampoos, lotions, liquid soaps, etc., as well as in plastic dishes..

How to increase testosterone in men?

If you do not know how to increase the level of this hormone, then you can consult your doctor for advice. However, before starting treatment, you should understand the origins of the situation. The decrease in the level of the hormone can be caused by a variety of reasons, and therefore the increase in testosterone in men depends on many factors. Of course, there are also hormonal preparations containing testosterone. However, they are recommended to be taken only in exceptional cases, for example, in cases of pathologies of the endocrine organs, since they will mentabolan not replace the hormone produced naturally..

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So how to boost testosterone naturally?

Do sport

Men who exercise regularly do not generally have testosterone problems. Exercises aimed at developing various muscle groups of the body, for example, on strength machines, are most suitable for this purpose. Classes should be intense enough, but not very long. The main thing here is not to overdo it, because otherwise the body will perceive activities as stress, and cortisol will be produced at the same time. To increase testosterone production, it is enough to exercise for about an hour a day, and not every day, but 2-3 times a week.


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